About frequencia

Who we are

We are mothers, fathers, doctors, technicians and engineers, activists, people from the health and environmental sphere or simply nature-lovers – we are all frequencia.

As diverse as we are, one shared objective unites us all:

we want to live in a world in which technologies are adapted to people and the environment, not the other way around. We are all in favour of progress and innovations, but this must not be allowed to happen at the expense of our health and the environment.

What we want

frequencia is an organisation that is actively engaged at national level. It looks at the consequences of digitisation for the life of humans and the environment. It aims to safeguard human values, maintain human health and protect nature and the environment. There is a particular focus on the impact of low-frequency and high-frequency electromagnetic radiation, particularly because of the planned introduction of the 5G cellular radio standard.

frequencia stands for a conscious way of dealing with digital technologies in order to minimise the negative consequences for humans and nature. It wants to protect and strengthen personal and individual rights, the right to democracy, public welfare, health and quality of life, education and work in our digitised society. To do this, frequencia informs and clarifies, and creates the underlying conditions for responsible, ethical action in the private, political and scientific spheres.


frequencia is committed to the topics Mobile telephonySmartCityDigitizationArtificial intelligenceRoboticsAutonomous weapon systems.

Executive Board

We want to live in a world in which technologies are adapted to people and the environment and not the other way around.


Only with broad support can we translate our objectives into action. You can become a sponsoring member or donate.

Become active

Become actively involved and support Frequencia with your time and according to your own capabilities and resources. Please contact us.

Advisory Body

The members of the Advisory Body support the Executive Board in various areas of its activities.

The frequencia board of directors

Patricia Schera
Board member

I am frequencia because I have become electrosensitive and can feel the difference between the frequencies that are good and those that are bad.
I am frequencia because I realize that people are not informed and because I respect people and nature and because I love life.

Pierre Dubouchet
Board member

I am frequencia because the lobbies of business use science to pursue their own interests. Chronic forced exposure in bedrooms, which is harmful in the long run, is not acceptable. It’s time to look into the future, and it’s no longer about fixing damages, it’s about preventing them.

Martin Zahnd

I am frequencia because I want to work for a better world with less mobile radiation and no mobile phone dependency.

Marcel Hofmann
Board member
Tamlin Schibler-Ulmann

I am frequencia because I want to live in a world where the frequency of life is above that of money and power. I want the truth, I want to be informed.
Because together we can change everything… because together we have all chances to create a world of tomorrow in which harmony and respect stand above life.

Patricia Bechaalany

I am frequencia because I want to contribute to a world where life is a priority, especially in the field of technology. I am frequencia because, together with the wonderful people who make up frequencia, I want to push forward the project of a sustainable and responsible model of society in terms of the use of technologies.

the frequencia advisory board and pulse generators

Olivier Pahud
Board member

I am frequencia because the world is in motion. And because together we are strong! Crime is organized, so let’s be organized too. Switzerland is an opportunity, the whole world is watching us, let us be the laboratory of freedom. Nothing is more important than our health, that of future generations, that of the earth.

Michael Wüthrich
frequencia Beirat

Es braucht eine starke Organisation, die sich für den Schutz der Bevölkerung vor Belastung durch Mobilfunkstrahlung einsetzt. Deshalb frequencia!

Sonia Weil
Board member

I am frequencia because the forced irradiation of man and environment by state and economy tramples the fundamental rights with feet. Responsibility, freedom, common sense and solidarity are the true components of progress. There are practical solutions – let us implement them!

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