Pierre Dubouchet

As a child, Pierre was attracted to sound. In 1982, he turned to a specialized profession and became an engineer. At the request of the radio station director, he became technical director. He then founded a company that introduced revolutionary digital services in the 1990s that were used in 160 countries.

In 2010, Pierre finds it increasingly difficult to concentrate. Gradually, other symptoms such as insomnia, joint pain, dizziness, tinnitus, headaches, temperature fluctuations, visual disturbances, ideation disorders, etc. appear. He loses almost his entire short-term memory and has to write everything down.

After about eighteen months, he realizes that the unknowable exposure of wireless technologies to radiation has made him electrosensitive and seriously affected his quality of life. But since Pierre had previously ignored the effects of radiation, this question never arose.

He has gained his strength from the years of suffering that have given him talent and great experience in creating preventive or safe environments that accelerate recovery. He keeps his knowledge up to date by maintaining close ties with experts around the world.

A knowledge that he also likes to share with future nurses at la Source University in Lausanne, through his website, at conferences, or through journalists.

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