Patricia Schera

Mother of 2 adult children

5 languages as hobby- High School and Federal Diploma in Commerce.

Worked in Zurich and Lugano for a famous trust company.

Turning point: Maternity
Turning point: In 1996 I started to feel electrosmog and geopatogenic points.
I followed many courses in Ticino and Italy on geobiology, especially with Dr. Demetrio Iero and other lecturers.

2000-2007 Yoga and Ayurveda trainings
2005-2014 I ran a B&B in Locarnese.

For 20 years I have been working with breathing techniques, meditation and self-esteem courses as an Ayurveda instructor, yoga teacher, yoga therapist and life coach for the well-being of people.
Since 1st May I have been an active member of the Stop5g group in Ticino and since Pentecost a board member of frequencia.

I am frequencia because we offer practical and healthy alternatives to what the mobile phone industry offers us and because I reject the fact that there is additional energy consumption in new technologies that require global control, digitization and robotics.

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