Patricia Bechaalany

I studied social and political sciences at the University of Lausanne. I am a graduate of the European Institute of the University of Geneva, and successfully completed the European School of Animal Osteopathy in Brighton (UK). For over 16 years, I have managed and participated in the creation of specialised laboratories producing homeopathic products, oligoelements and essential oils. I was specialized in the field of quality assurance, mainly by carrying out the ISO 22’000 certification of 2 companies and the GMP certification for the Aromasan Sarl laboratory.

Since 2012 I have founded two new companies: Easyhorse S.A. and Waves Impulse Life WIL Sàrl. The domains of health, quality assurance and research have always fascinated me.

Aware that mobile transmission poses additional risks to us, my involvement with frequencia is only a logical consequence. I have always been committed to solutions and I have already a tough battle behind me when it comes to putting alternative solutions over an established system. Today, the threat of electromagnetic waves, motivated by the appeal of profit at the expense of health, naturally pushes me to take joint action to preserve our health capital and that of our children, our animals, our environment and all living creatures.

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