Stop 5G rally Nr. 2 – The speeches

Find here the speeches of the demonstration denouncing the risks, the lies, the news of 5G. Discover each speech in relation to the theme that interests you.

Peter Schlegel

We require low-radiation living spaces. We demand a time out for reflection. ETH Engineer in Civil Engineering, Expert in electrosmog, Member of the frequencia Committee   Dear fellow demonstrato...

Andreas Sommer

Let’s solve the 5G problem like firefighters put out a fire together! No one asks us about who we are, but everyone is happy for the help of their neighbour. Andreas Sommer. National Council Can...

Jérôme Meier

Over the last 3 months, more than 20,000 people have made use of their right of objection and have blocked 100% of all construction permits for the new antennas. Member of the Schutz-vor-Strahlung Com...

Thomas Hardegger

Public debate is necessary. Operators are installing a new network at a frantic pace that even exceeds the wishes of the economy and the majority in Parliament. Member of the National Council, SP, ZH...

Rebekka Meier

Why are operators allowed to exceed the limit values? Head of Construction Law at the Schutz-vor-Strahlung Association and President of the 5G-Moratorium Association   It is ultimately the facts...

Olivier Bodenmann

It is FALSE to claim that 5G would be environmentally friendly. Olivier Bodenmann. EPFL electrical engineer, expert in electrosmog, member of the frequencia committee.


Where will the EHS go if radiation sources are multiplied everywhere by 5G? Designer and multidisciplinary artist, intolerant to the waves (EHS), member of When she wrote the song Wi-feel in...

Elidan Arzoni

Testimony of a healthy person who saw his life changed April 18, 2019, the day of the activation of a 5G antennae activation, confirmed by Swisscom. Elidan Arzoni. ​Actor and director.

Hans-Ulrich Jakob

An installation is considered acceptable if less than 10% of the population is disturbed in its well-being. Hans-Ulrich Jakob. Electrical engineer IUT, President of Gigaherz. Thank you very much for c...

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