Risks of mobile phone technology

Mobile telephony: Limit values do not protect the population

Since the introduction of digital wireless technology, associations of environmental doctors, groups of independent scientists, associations for protection against mobile radiation and construction biologists’ associations have been drawing attention to the health risks of mobile communication on the basis of comprehensive and clear information. They demand lower radiation limits.

Risks and damages long known

It is said that our population is sufficiently protected from antenna radiation by the Swiss installation limit value. It seems that these limits are almost always met, not only in Switzerland, but throughout Central Europe. However, practical experience shows something completely different. More and more doctors and scientists are sounding the alarm clock: mobile phone antennas make people sick.

The nationwide resistance to antenna building permits has less to do with an alleged “diffuse fear”, as can often be read in the media. This is in direct connection with a clear, worldwide confirmed knowledge of experience. For over 20 years, attentive doctors, doctors of complementary medicine, measurement experts and above all those directly affected have known which pathologies mobile radio antennas can cause. The disturbances of well-being and damage to health are evident. This evidence is ignored by the established scientific community.

Grafics: From Enrique Navarro, J. Segura, M. Portoléz, Claudio Gomez Perretta de Mateo, et al. (2003), “The Microwave Syndrom, a preliminary Study in Spain”, Electromagnetic Biology and Medicine, Vol. 22, Issue 2, 2003

Introduction of a technology without risk assessment

Mobile radio uses frequencies between 400 MHz and 100 GHz. The services are called GSM, UMTS, LTE, 5G, WIFI, to name a few. Their non-ionising, pulsed microwave radiation is harmful to health. Numerous research results are available for almost all frequencies. Now 5G is to be introduced without any review of the effects on health and the environment. First studies have just been published.

Officially it is still said that the harmfulness of 5G is “not proven”. There are reasons for this. Economic-political reasons: Many studies are paid by industry. Legislators and authorities are exposed to strong pressure from industry or are linked to it. Responsibility is shifted back and forth between enforcement authorities and the courts.

Individual reasons: Scientists strive for professional success and need research funds. Many of them do not want to expose themselves in order to not endanger their recognized position within the “scientific community” of established scientists.

From “Study of the health of people living in the vicinity of mobile phone base stations, part I”, Prof. R. Santini et. al., Universität Villeurbanne (Lyon), Pathol. Biol. 2002.


It needs low-radiation apartments

The mobile communications infrastructure is being rapidly expanded. Health protection is completely neglected. It is urgently necessary to give top priority to health protection. It must be possible to ensure the well-being of the population and the efficiency of learners and workers. Appropriate measures are now needed to this end.

If mobile telephony is expanded in the same way as before, people will suffer. It will be impossible to protect oneself from mobile phone radiation – not even within one’s own four walls. That is why frequencia in particular calls for low-radiation living rooms and interiors.

Separation of indoor and outdoor areas

This is made possible by the systematic, strict separation of indoor and outdoor spaces using broadband Internet. Only then does the individual’s freedom of choice lie with the people themselves. This makes it unnecessary to raise the limit values for mobile radio, and they could even be lowered. This will also reduce the radiation level in outdoor areas.

Electromagnetic radiation, generated by various sources, is present everywhere. The biggest and strongest sources are often located outside buildings and apartments. We have to live with this radiation – whether we like it or not. The generators of radiation cannot be eliminated or turned off. As citizens, we have no influence on their activities or location. Thus the population often has no choice but to protect the home from radiation or to avoid it – as far as this is possible at all.

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