Aylâ Banic

Administrator of 3 laboratories according to the standards Swissmedic, Bio and ISO 22000.

It is the principle of obligatory exposure and not an alternative to waves, whose harmfulness is now highlighted but disguised for economic reasons, which is difficult to accept. The fact that the gain of a minority thus endangers the health of an entire generation is alarming!

The best is often said to be the enemy of the good! While 4G largely covers all the needs of our society, 5G will have a much too serious impact on what it is meant to add.

Now, everyone is free to choose! Except in this case… this freedom is being violated! For a State that desperately strives to reduce health costs, but shamelessly irradiates its population, it will be difficult not to blow them up…

Dr. Med.-Vet. Katia Roux

Ich denke, dass die 5G-Technologie eine Katastrophe für Mensch und Tier sowie für die Umwelt ist.

Es wird eine planmäßige Tötung von Wildtieren, insbesondere von Insekten, stattfinden, da die Bienen bereits von der aktuellen Elektrosmog betroffen sind.

Mensch und Tier werden 24 Stunden am Tag von schädlichen Wellen bewässert, ohne dass es zu einem Rückzug kommen kann. Ist es legal?

Was ist mit der öffentlichen Gesundheit, dem Vieh und den Begleittieren?

Im Namen von was werden wir das Risiko eingehen, lebende Organismen aus dem Gleichgewicht zu bringen?

Keine menschliche oder tierische Zelle wird künstlichen, unphysiologischen Frequenzen sehr lange standhalten können. Tatsächlich kommunizieren die Zellen untereinander über sehr präzise, physiologische Frequenzen, und das ist genauso wichtig wie die biochemischen Phänomene des Organismus.

Ich denke, es wird viele kranke Menschen und Tiere geben, wenn diese Technologie auftaucht, leider ist sie extrem berechenbar. Ich habe Studien gelesen, die in diese Richtung gehen, einige Wellen sind zweifellos krebserregend.

Als Tierarzt appelliere ich an das Vorsorgeprinzip, es ist ein Minimum.

Bernard Delessert, farmer

Bernard Delessert, farmer
5G is a disaster for our environment, our animals, our forests.
We are being lied to! How can operators speak of 5G as the intelligence of the future that will enable intelligent agriculture? For more than 25 years, integrated and biological production have been the majority in Switzerland. We do not need 5G to have a versatile and efficient system to manage our fields and animals. There is no need to irradiate them, to irradiate ourselves to obtain a so-called wealth of more reliable information about the product that we will put in the consumer’s basket! If you want good vegetables, fruit, meat and know what you eat: Eat locally!


Joseph Bechaalany, Lawyer

Joseph Bechaalany, Lawyer
At first I thought my wife was exaggerating. I thought that the technology was advantageous and that the whole thing was none of my business. Then I opened my eyes, I learned and understood: there is no greater gift than that of health and 5G obviously threatens that gift, 5G is not necessary in terms of the dangers it poses.

Ing. Roberto Wettstein

I was told that 4G was harmless and did no harm.
Ever since the 4G antenna – 80 meters from home – went into operation, I have become electrohypersensitive to high frequencies (EHS).
What about the 5G?
No hesitation, it must be FORBIDDEN, NOW!

Claudia Belotti – shop owner

The “5G=Internet of Things”, as it is proposed to us, will take away people’s creativity, independence of thought, eligibility, natural talents.
The time to stop it is now! In the name of and in respect for each individual, for physical and mental health, in the name of nature which nourishes us and which does not speak, but nevertheless sends us very clear signals, it is time to say STOP.

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