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The Suffering of Electrosmog: Electrosensitivity

Ten percent of the Swiss population: that’s 800,000 people who are drowning in the spotlight of the media. They suffer from radiation exposure caused by Wi-Fi, radio frequency, home and railway electrical supply, electric fences and other sources of radiation. Nobody knows how large the number of unreported cases is. Most electrosensitive people don’t dare to make their coming out and to say that they are sensitive to radiation because they are afraid to lose their job and their social environment. It is high time to talk about electrosensitivity

In Switzerland alone, hundreds of thousands of electrosensitive people are fighting their way through everyday life, some of them with severe symptoms. Their sleep is often so disturbed that they cannot regenerate night after night.

Studies officially state that five to ten percent of the population in Switzerland is electrosensitive. These figures were collected around ten years ago through collective surveys. These figures were collected around ten years ago by means of surveys. Estimates of the number of unreported cases are lacking, but long-term observations from measurement and counselling practice show that this figure is extremely high. Because for lack of information, many sufferers look for the causes of their symptoms everywhere, except in cases of radiation. Others on the other hand suspect the source of their suffering, but because the consequences for their actions would be uncomfortable, they suppress the suspicion. It can be assumed that the proportion of electrosensitive people will double. The figure of at least 10 to 20 percent of electrosensitive people with mild to severe degrees is therefore realistic. The remaining 80 to 90 percent of the population may feel that they are not affected – but electricity is part of the natural process in our body, and these are increasingly disturbed by the technically generated electromagnetic effects. We are therefore all affected, but the resistance of our bodies varies greatly from person to person.


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The media only report on an infinitely small portion

Media reports in relation to cases of electrosensitive people have been alerting the public of the problem for several years. But it is hardly mentioned that the highly sensitive category portrayed is only the tip of a huge iceberg visible above the water. Even this picture is still too tame: The publicly known electrosensitives do by far not represent even a tenth of the known iceberg, but only one hundred thousandth or – depending on the country – one millionth of the people who suffer from mild to severe symptoms radio frequency.

Radiation reduction for all - radio-frequency free zones for severely affected persons

The reports may seem irritating to most, as the subject is new to them. But anyone who has met hundreds, even thousands, of electrosensitive people over the years knows that the reported connections are valid. The extent of the internal migration of radiation refugees on a national level, who have been wandering the country for years in search of a healthy home, exceeds all expectations. Some live at least temporarily as nomads in additionally shielded camper vans. There is an urgent need to establish radio-frequency free zones throughout the country.

The main actors: industry, government and scientific institutions

All these facts are hardly present in public opinion. How could they? The three main players, the mobile phone industry, the State and the scientific community, have created their own world in which they act under mutual influences and dependencies.

Life provides proof of the harmfulness of radiation to health

“We Are The Evidence”  is the name of the website of an electrosensitive lawyer. Her published testimonials confirm the credibility of this statement.

There are several reasons why this practical proof is not officially recognized, even completely ignored:

  • One general reason is that the increasing “scientification” of our lives goes hand in hand with a fatal disregard for individual practical experience. The attitude is spreading that only scientifically proven and substantiated statements should be taken seriously. The scientific world benefits from an irreproachable halo status of an inviolable authority. But this authority needs to be questioned urgently. Study results often reflect, for example, an ideologically limited view of the client and the researcher. Unprejudiced observation and clear thinking in everyday life can often capture the reality of life more comprehensively and accurately.
  • The situation is complex in the particular field of mobile radio. The danger to health is barely tangible for most people. A large part of the population using mobile radio does not want to hear about the potential danger: the subject is very emotionally charged in public debate. The State-Industry alliance manipulates the official scientific community by portraying the presumed safety of radiation as a “scientific majority opinion” and fills the media with its own vision of things by virtue of its interpretative sovereignty.

Gaining time for a general wakeup

Now it’s time to take a closer look: Who is guided by the realities of life – who simply represents abstract programs and ideologies? Who thinks globally and practically through the consequences of far-reaching decisions for the individual and society – and who is guided by particular interests, obeys supposed factual constraints and argues in general terms with majority opinions simply stated?

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