frequencia is an environmental and consumer organisation that tackles the problem of the effects and risks of digitisation and cellular radio technologies.

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Our approach: Technical innovations must be adapted to man and the environment and not man and the nature to technology. We are committed to this.

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Thanks to a national synergy between dedicated themes and the professionalism of our activities, we work together for a better future.

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Demonstration of 21.09.2019
in Bern on the Bundesplatz

On 21.09.2019 more than 3000 people gathered for the second time on the Bundesplatz in Bern to protest against the introduction of 5G with the demand “Against forced irradiation and for freedom of choice”.

First politicians who have supported the introduction of 5G so far, are impressed by the protest from the population. They show willingness to talk about the creation of low-radiation living spaces.

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